The Zionist FAQ section has been specifically built to counter the prevalent Israeli Zionist propaganda, which unfortunately has gone mostly unanswered in the West and Israel. We have assumed that the reader is familiar with the evolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and has some questions for Palestinians to answer. So if you’re a beginner to the conflict and would like to know more, we recommend visiting our introductory section that contains a short list of articles about the conflict, click here for further details.
A special thanks goes to Mark Kober- Smith, an anti-Zionist British Jew, for editing and proofreading this important book. Over several months, Mark put an incredible amount of time and effort to bring this section to what it is today.


Historical Zionist FAQs


Current Zionist FAQs



Famous Quotes:

From world and Israeli leaders, to famous Academia, click here to read several prominent quotes related to Palestine, Palestinians, and Arabs in general.


Israel’s Right to Be Racist:

Often thought of us a myth, please click here to read a detailed article written by Joseph Massad.


Jewish National Fund:

Learn more about the National Jewish Fund here.

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