Frequently Asked Questions about the Apartheid Wall

For detailed fact sheets and information regarding the illegality of the Apartheid Wall according to International Law, please visit www.stopthewall.org

  1. How long is the Wall?
  2. Where is the Wall being built?
  3. What does the Wall look like?
  4. How much of the Wall has been completed and when is it scheduled to be completed?
  5. Is the Wall temporary?
  6. How is the Wall affecting Palestinian communities?
  7. Are there gates where Palestinians can cross over the Wall and access their lands?
  8. What is the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign demanding?
  9. How is the Wall related to the Israeli settlement policy?
  10. Would it be acceptable if the Wall was built on the 1967 Green Line?
  11. What is the Wall’s status under international law?
  12. What is the relationship between the Wall and the “Road Map”?
  13. Why does the Israeli government and the Israeli public support the building of the Wall?
  14. What is the US position on the Wall?
  15. What is the position of Europe on the Wall?


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