Are there gates where Palestinians can cross over the Wall and access their lands?

The notion of “access” gates where the Israeli military will “permit” Palestinians to travel to their land demonstrates the Wall’s institutionalization and follows the Israeli “permit” system which began during the 1993 Oslo Process whereby the Israeli government has been consolidating absolute control over every aspect of life in Palestine through dictating all aspects of movement.
The Israeli government’s rhetoric of “gates” and movement has amounted to the complete denial of the basic right to freedom of movement for Palestinians. The reality of “access” gates on the ground is the severe humiliation of Palestinians by the Israeli military and private “security” guards including beatings, being “denied” passage or being told that the land is “not theirs” and that they are “entering Israel”. Furthermore, in most cases the Israeli military only “allows” residents (who have Israeli approved permits and paperwork) to cross for a limited number of times per day and between highly restrictive hours. Additionally, communities are not told in advance when the gates will be opened and thus endure grueling waits, often for the military not to arrive or to arrive and deny access.


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