15 Jun 2011

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The 1948 War eventually gave way to the 1949 Armistice Agreements. Israel had expanded to encompass nearly 78% of Palestine, far more than the 57% allotted to them in the 1947 Partition Plan. The remaining 22% was made up of the West Bank and Gaza.

24 February
Israeli-Egyptian Armistice: Egypt keeps coastal strip Gaza Rafah and evacuates Faluja pocket; Asluj-al-‘Awja area demilitarized.

End of February
IDF units intimidate 2-3,000 villagers into leaving Faluja pocket in violation of Israeli-Egyptian Armistice Agreement.

IDF Negev and Golani brigades complete occupation of Negev as far as Umm Rashrash/Eilat.

23 March
Israeli-Lebanese Armistice: Frontier of Mandate Palestine accepted; Israel withdraws from most of Lebanese territory.

3 April
Israeli-Jordanian Armistice: Jordan takes over Iraqi-held Nablus-Jinin- Tulkarm triangle but is forced to cede area around Wadi ‘Ara; Israel controls Chadera-‘Afula road; existing status quo in Jerusalem accepted by IDF and Arab Legion.

20 July
Syrian-Israeli Armistice: demilitarized zones established around ‘En Gev and Dardara (including Mishmar ha-Yarden).

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