Basic History

This section provides a brief synopsis of the region of Palestine from biblical times. It highlights the history of the region in general and gets specific to issues of conflict as they began to arise. The purpose of going back to biblical times is so that you can know who the inhabitants were during the various periods of time in history and the length of time they ruled.

In the past, the Zionist propagandists attempted to use biblical history as their distorted justification to the right to the land by claiming they were descendants of the tribe of Isaac, the son of Abraham. Unfortunately, they intentionally failed to mention that Abraham had another son, Ishmael, who was the father of Arab tribes.

Realizing how ridiculous their argument was and how easy it was to disprove their intentionally skewed view, this argument has long been replaced with other deceitful arguments. In general, Zionist propaganda has avoided using religion as an argument to their “right” to occupy the land of Palestine. The reason: Zionism is a political philosophy not a religious one. In addition, the countless resolutions condemning Israel’s discriminatory practices against the Palestinians do not support any religious teachings. The more recent incompetent attempt to use religion has arisen from the half witted ultra conservative religious right.

It is quite ironic how the Zionists and the neo-conservative Christian groups have formed an alliance when realizing their ultimate goal of “return” does not share the same end. The neo-cons believe that Jesus as the Messiah will not return until the entire region is taken over by the Jews. Once this happens, they believe that the Jewish population must convert to Christianity in order to be “saved” or they will be destroyed by God. Based upon the doctrine of “Replacement Theology”, the neo-cons believe it is the Christians who now are God’s chosen people since the Jews failed to accept Jesus as the Messiah. The Zionist Jews, being self-serving, utilize the neo-cons beliefs to further their goals as they do not believe in the “punishment” awaiting them for not accepting the Messiah or the doctrine of “Replacement Theology end as the neo-cons do.


Basic Timeline

Please click on the following link to review a basic timeline around Palestinian History.



Please visit our friends at Palestine Encyclopedia to be given a more thorough view on Palestinian History.


United Nations Origins & Evolution

The United Nations has been working on the question of Palestine since the first special session of the General Assembly on April 28, 1947, which established a body to investigate the issue and return with its recommendations. Over 60 years later, the range of the UN’s work on the issue has continued to adapt to meet new challenges and address changing realities on the ground.

This section references the five (5) time periods as presented by the United Nations.

1917-1947:  British Mandate

1947-1977:  Partition Plan, 1967 War, Inalienable Rights

1977-1990:  Lebanon, ICQP, Intifada

The Peace Process of the 1990’s

2000-2011:  Second Intifada, Separation Wall, Road Map, etc.

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