Palestinian Flag

This site was created with a number of purposes in mind. Primary to all is to have it as a resource with the purpose of educating the general public about the conflict in Palestine. It is for all to use, both Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike. There are a vast number of websites which are in place that retain the same mission and many of these sites are referenced by way of links on this site.

It is the intent of this site to also promote dialogue and discussion regarding various topics by way of the blog section. encourages all to participate and share information, opinions, articles, etc. to further this end.

It is the hope of that individuals and groups will utilize this site and actively work towards the goal of educating themselves and their communities with regards to the Palestinian conflict and the atrocities being committed against the Palestinian people by the brutal Zionist occupation.

The Palestinian conflict is one that is unfortunately under-reported. It is the root problem to major worldly issues, yet it is ignored.

Although many would have you believe the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is complicated, it truly is a very simple issue of right and wrong. The controversy surrounding the conflict is pure fabrication to divert attention away from the true facts and records. International law should apply to all, without exception. For, until justice is realized, there will be no peace.

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