15 Jun 2011

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First Intifadah (Uprising) 1987

Following and Israeli Army truck intentionally running into a group of Palestinian youth, killing 4 and injuring 7 in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza, a national uprising began against the occupation consisting of daily riots

18 December
Israel troops kill two and injure 20 Muslims as they leave a Friday religious service. Israeli troops then enter Shifa Hospital in Gaza beating nurses and doctors and dragging off injured Palestinians.
Televised beatings and killings of unarmed Palestinians by Israeli troops bring protest worldwide.

By the end of the intifadah 1,283 Palestinians were killed, 130,472 injured, 481 expelled, 22,088 held without trial, 2,533 houses demolished and 184,257 Palestinian trees were uprooted.

United Nations Security Council votes 14-0-1 to “strongly deplore [Israel’s] policies and practices which violate the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories.”

United States urges Israel to use non-lethal riot control measures

22 December
United States passed provisions expanding aid to Israel by refinancing a $9 billion debt saving Israel $2 billion. In addition their annual $3 billion in grant “aid” was granted with an additional $3 million.

19 January 1988
Israeli Defense Minister Rabin enacts a new policy of “broken bones” to suppress the intifadah.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advises Jewish leaders that Israel should ban the media from the Occupied Territories, similar to what South Africa did during the apartheid so as to not allow the world awareness to the tragedies taking place.

August 1993
Israel and the PLO begin secret meetings in Oslo with Norway acting as mediator.

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