What is the relationship between the Wall and the “Road Map”?

Though some perceive the Wall to contradict the “Road Map”, in fact they are perfectly complementary and share aims that correlate with the Israeli government’s agenda. In the autumn of 2002 Israeli Prime Minister Sharon advocated a “Palestinian State” with borders that “overlap with territories A and B [which Israel determined during the Oslo process], except for essential security zones”. This would leave some 50% of the West Bank for part of a “Palestinian State” that is being created by the Wall through the formation of Palestinian ghettos.

Although Israel has flagrantly violated international law since 1948, the Wall “relieves” the government of the mounting “burden” (such as international pressure, economic resources) of maintaining the Occupation- Israeli logic reasons that the Wall enables control over strategic land and resources with the least expense of resources to “deal with” the Palestinian population as they will be “demographically contained” into areas which are currently deemed of less interest. In this context, the “Road Map” and the Wall are synonymous as they call for a “final settlement” which will be in the interest of the Israeli state.

The US-pushed “Road Map” calls for “Permanent Status Agreements” in 2005 in regard to boarders, Jerusalem, settlements, and refugees. The Wall, which is also set to be finished in 2005, enables the Israel government to unilaterally define the limits of such “agreements” by:

  • Creating a de facto “border” between the West Bank and Israel,
  • Completing the Israeli/Zionist project of “Greater Jerusalem” (as discussed in Question 9) to entirely annex the capital of historic Palestine,
  • Annexing nearly all of the settlements in the West Bank into the “Israeli controlled” area “outside” the Wall,
  • Forcibly expelling residents near the Wall from their land and home, thus becoming refugees, some for the second or third time, and continuing the racist Zionist slogan/policy of “a land without people”.
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