Is the Wall temporary?

At the cost of 12 million NIS or 2.8 million USD per km, the Wall is not a “temporary” measure but the continuation of Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and iron grip of Palestinian resources. The Wall, through its path which is marked by land annexation and destruction, is clearly a “tool” for the Israeli government in maximizing the confiscation of Palestinian land for future settlement expansion. In one case, in the village Nazlat ‘Isa, located between the Wall and the Green Line, the Wall brought the complete destruction of the entire village market including over 200 shops and five homes (with 16 additional homes having been given demolition orders), completely destroying the livelihood for all residents. The devastating reality which the Wall imposes is meant to ensure that Palestinians will be forcibly expelled from areas Israel looks to annex and “demographically contained” in other areas by creating permanent “facts on the ground” for the continued colonization of Palestine.

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