What is the US position on the Wall?

The US Administration has particular interest in supporting Israel and its expansionist agenda– US support for the Wall does not veer from this fundamental position. US support for the Israeli state is rooted in the US military industry and the “use” of Israel as an “ally” in strategic regional interests in the Middle East. Funding Israel militarily serves the US military industry/economy as Israel spends the majority of aid on weapons, including fighter jets, tanks, and bulldozers, from US manufacturers which are then used against the entire Palestinian population. US support for Israel also ensures it as a military stronghold in the Middle East which furthers US interests of territorial control, oil resources, and more over the last two years in the US proclaimed “war on terrorism”. To achieve its colonial agenda, US interest lies in backing Israel’s plans rather than take a position “against” the Wall.

In July 2003, US Administration officials, including G. Bush and Collin Powell, paid feeble rhetoric to calling the Wall a “problem” or noting that it would impede the “peace process”. There was rumor that, as part of US law which prohibits aid to countries which engage in violations to international law, the US Administration might withhold a dollar of US loans for every dollar spent on the Wall. However, this has amounted to no action and the façade quickly faded after Israeli Prime Minister asserted that the “Wall would continue to be built” despite any “pressure”. In September 2003 US Congress approved the $9 billion in loans with no mention of the Wall; the US position thus remains unabated in supporting Israel’s racist Wall project along with the entire Occupation.

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