Find your representative at the following links:


Use any one of the following samples below as an introduction to your call:


Sample 1:
Hello, my name is _______________ and I am calling to let (your senator/congressperson) that I am very concerned about the Israel’s attacks on the civilians of Gaza. The death toll is approaching one thousand, many of them children and thousands are wounded. Israel is also preventing food, water or medicine which is in violation of International Law. I also urge my Senator/Congressperson to not vote for any resolution that is not balanced and fair. Our representatives should focus on American interests first, not uncritical support of a foreign country that is violating International Law and harming our national security interests.


I would like a response from my representative. Thank you.


Sample 2:
Hello, my name is ______________ and I am calling to let the (senator/congressperson) know that I am very upset about Israel’s attacks on Gaza. They should not vote for any resolutions that blindly support Israel and I would like them to do everything possible to end this massacre.

I would like a response from them. Thank you.